Autoglass Price

We can buy and install automotive glass for: cars and trucks, off-road cars, minibuses, buses, such famous brands as: PILKINGTON, SEKURIT, AGC, XYG. The shortest terms of order and delivery.

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Repair of glass Price

Windscreen repair is a technology for removing cracks and chips on windshields. The damaged area of glass, after sealing with photopolymer adhesives, becomes imperceptible. The average repair process lasts 20-30 minutes.

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Toning of glass Price

We offer a wide range of services for tinting of glass of cars of any brands. A large selection of films by well-known manufacturers. All work is carried out by experienced masters with great experience and appropriate quality of work.

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Alarms Price

The car alarm is intended to alert you of an attempt to enter the car and protect the car from possible theft. We offer a wide range of assortment, installation of alarm systems, warranty and post-warranty service.

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Car sound Price

Installing the car audio system and acoustics in the regular car seats is the most widespread and economical installation method. Creating good and high-quality sound requires not only high costs but also special skills and knowledge.

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Soundproofing Price

There are many types of materials and their manufacturers for noise isolation of the car interior. Our skilled specialists are ready to offer the most optimal solutions to get the desired result.

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Xenon Price

Xenon light is an integral part of the car, which is a modern solution in the field of light technologies. We offer a wide assortment of xenon and lighting systems for cars and guarantee their uninterrupted work.

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Parktronic Price

Parking radars are intended to inform the driver of the presence of unobtrusive objects and obstacles while parking the car. The driver's alert is made with the help of a sound and light indication or with a display.

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Computer diagnostics Price

Computer diagnostics of all types of cars. Determination of the real mileage of the engine. Adaptation of electronic control units, actuators, sensors for determining specific parameters.

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